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Reanda International hosted the first Asian regional meeting in Japan


Reanda International is an international network of independent accounting and consulting firms, the China's first professional accounting network to collaborate with independent member firms from overseas countries and regions. These member firms provide assurance, tax consulting and specialist business advisory to privately held business and transnational conglomerates.

Reanda's Merger and Acquisition Panel (MAP) is formed by a group of experienced and committed M&A specialists nominated by our member firms. By working closely with each other, the highly specialized team combines global mindset and local knowledge to help both the local and multi-national clients navigate throughout the entire M&A deal cycle.


Reanda's International Tax Panel (ITP) is formed by a group of experienced and committed tax specialists who are meticulously nominated by our member firms. The International Tax Panel serves as a platform for our members to exchange their insights and knowledge. By collaborating closely with each others, the highly specialized team is fully informed of the latest changes in various tax jurisdictions to help both the local and multi-national clients in navigating through the ever-changing tax environment.


Reanda Network has launched the China Desk Program in eight Reanda member firms. The China Desks are supported up by professionals with extensive knowledge in Chinese accounting standard and regulations. The China Desks draw on the expertise and knowledge of these professionals for realizing clients' business ambitions. With close ties to our China member firm, all China Desks are inter-linked to be the platform for leveraging our abilities to service Chinese-oriented assignments.


Reanda App provides the Reanda insights and easy access to the contact details of our network firms at your fingertips. The free app is available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Tencent Yingyongbao.